Strainers and Sight Glasses

Suitable to protect pumps, turbines flow meters, valves, heat exchangers, condenser, boilers and other process system components, CDB Strainers are engineered to withstand the most aggressive industrial gas, liquid and steam applications. CDB full range of Strainers are designed to find the most suitable solutions for efficient drainage of industrial processes. Thanks to a consolidated experience in Oil & Gas supplies to major EPC Companies, CDB can manufacture customized solutions in full compliance with the most restrictive project specifications.

Y Type Strainer

CDB Y type strainers, most probably the largest range on the market, are designed and manufactured to comply with any required design code and international Standard. All supplied strainers are equipped with screens specifically designed and manufactured based on the project requirements. Compared to other  manufacturers, CDB strainers are bigger in dimension and weight in order to allow a generous screen surface thus a large open area ratio to ensure an efficient filtration action with a low pressure drop.

Tee Type Strainer

Fabricated Tee type strainers are commonly used in the oil & gas field and are often preferred to cast steel strainers in order to comply with project specifications. They are also generally more cost effective and readily available for larger sizes and high ratings. CDB Tee type strainer are one of the best technical options on the market. Through well-established business cooperation with major EPC companies and  extensive R&D activities (through testing and F.E.M. analyses) CDB has achieved continuous improvements both in design and manufacturing. Today our unrivalled filtration elements enable CDB to supply customized solutions to meet any required open area ratio and to guarantee any differential pressure strength.

Simplex and Duplex Basket

CDB manufactures both cast steel and welded fabricated basket strainer. CDB strainers meet customers’ expectations and the highest standards. Of all strainers, basket are the type which offer by far the highest filtration surface.
Simplex strainers need service interruption (during shutdowns) or a bypass line in order to clean or change baskets. Duplex strainer can operate continuously and need no shut down for cleaning operations. This type of strainer has two separate baskets that operate independently. When one basket is clogged, the flow will have to be diverted to the other one, allowing cleaning to the clogged one.

Conical temporary type

CDB Conical temporary type strainers are designed for the efficient removal of solids in new pipeline start up and commissioning. They can be manufactured in a range of different configurations to suit project specific requirements and can be installed either vertically or horizontally. These strainers can be manufactured using any kind of wire mesh or perforated plate, in carbon and stainless steel or exotic alloys, conical strainer are designed to be installed between flanges and meet any required facing.

UL Strainer

CDB’s UL Strainers are designed for pipeline in fire protection service.  These strainers are intended for the use in fire service systems such as sprinkler systems installed in accordance with the Standard for Sprinkler Systems, NFPA 13, and fixed water spray systems installed in accordance with the Standard for Water Spray Fixed Systems, NFPA 15, where protection against clogging of water discharge is needed.

Sight Glasses

CDB Sight glasses are manufactured to visually inspect fluid and gases in the pipeline. They may be supplied with various type of internal flow indicators for different type of industrial processes or different installation. They can be manufactured in forged, cast and welded solutions according to project requirements.