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Steam Line

CDB offers a complete range of steam traps and steam manifold equipped with universal connections trap stations. CDB fully customized condensate lift pumps and packages meet most stringent oil and gas requirements

Plug Valves

CDB Plug valves are designed for the use in the most severe service applications, where performance and safety are critical. CDB offers a complete range of in-house-engineered and manufactured plug valves to completely meet customers’ specifications.

Strainers and Sight Glasses

CDB offers a complete range of basket, y type, tee type and temporary conical strainers in addition to sight glasses, all available in forged (small sizes), cast, and welded fabricated execution.

Process Equipment

CDB offers a comprehensive range of filtration, separation and gas heating stand-alone equipment designed and manufactured to cover different applications and processes for the Oil & Gas industry.

Process Packages

CDB offers customized modular units, designed, manufactured and assembled to find application in different Oil, Gas and Water treatment processes, from upstream to downstream industries.

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