Plug Valves

Plug Valves are possibly the oldest type of valves used for pipeline applications and their first use dates back to Roman times. Some of the main industries for plug valves are Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Water & Waste Water, Pull & Paper. Plug valves cover a wide range of applications, such as Gas and Oil pipelines, Compressor Stations, Drain Vent, Blow Down, Manifold Isolation and Severe Service.
Most of the times, Plug Valves are quarter turn valves for on/off or shut off services but in special cases they are also used for modulating and throttling services. They can be manually operated or actuated, usually through electric, pneumatic or gas over oil actuators. Their simple design, together with the use of limited components, guarantees a compact design with Zero Leakage performances also making the Plug Valve a very reliable product with a long operating lifespan and an easy maintenance.

The three main categories of plug valves are:
Lubricated Plug Valves, Non-Lubricated Plug Valves, Double Block & Bleed Expanding Plug Valves

Lubricated Plug Valves

Lubricated Plug Valves use special grease as lubricant in order to make their operation easier, over a wide range of pressure ratings. The lubricant is injected between the plug and the body’s internal surface to form a film reducing the friction and the torque during the rotation while sealing the valve at the same time. The proper grease is selected according to the process/application and is base oil with a viscosity improver. Depending on the use and number of cycles, the valves require a re-injection of the sealant to restore the lubricant film and sealing.

Typical applications:
Upstream, Gas/Oil Pipeline System, By-Pass Valves, Compressor station, Pump Station, Drain/Vent, Blow-down, Manifold Isolation, Kicker valves, Pig Launchers, Receivers, Slurry, Dirty (Abrasive Corrosion) Service, Severe Service

Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmacy, Chemical fertilizer, Electric power industry, Water/Waste Water

Non-Lubricated Plug Valves

Non-Lubricated Plug Valves, also known as Self-Lubricated Plug Valves, are designed to reduce the friction between the plug and the body without using lubricants during valve’s operations.

Typically, Non-Lubricated plug valves are divided into two main categories:
Sleeved plug valves, where the sealing is realized by means of PTFE sleeve which eliminates the contact between the body’s metal surface and the plug.
Lined plug valves, where the inner part of the body’s surface is lined with fluorine plastic, most commonly PFA or FEP.

Typical applications:
Sulphur, Hydrogen Fluoride, Sticky fluids, On/Off and throttling service, Corrosive medium

Petroleum, Refining, Chemical, Pharmacy, Chemical fertilizer, Water, Desalination

Double Block & Bleed Expanding Plug Valve

The Double Block & Bleed (DBB) Expanding Plug Valve was developed as an alternative solution to the traditional system made by two inline valves with the bleed in between.
While blocking simultaneously the flow upstream and downstream of the valve, the DBB Expanding Plug Valve allows also to check the tightness of the same, through a bleed system (manual or automatic). DBB Expanding Plug Valves have a rising steam design and a rotating plug with sliding slips that guarantee low torques, friction free strokes and tight shut-off.

Typical applications:
Multi Products Manifold – Metering Station – Loading/unloading Station – Fuel Tanks Storage – Hydrant Isolation – Aviation Fuel Service

Petroleum, Refining, Chemical, Aviation, Tank Farm