Process Packages

CDB Process Packages application range is mainly focused on Power, Water Treatment and Oil & Gas Industry. We ensure a single-point responsibility, starting from the process and detailed engineering to commissioning and start-up, providing full support and management during the entire project lifecycle.  CDB Process team, with the support of process simulators and mechanical tools, have proven expertise in the design of high-value engineered solution to meet the most demanding applications.

Filtration Package

In many industrial applications the on-line Filtration Equipment has to be cleaned or regenerated without interrupting the process main stream. To proper face this usual request, a typical solution is to provide a 2×100% (or 3×50%) Filters configuration.

CDB fully consolidated Filtration Package design, with either manual or automatic back-washing device can be supplied for several applications such as: 
Feed Strainer Filtration System, Side Stream Filtration System, Seawater Intake Filtration System, Activated Carbon System.

Gas Treatment System

Gas Treatment System are crucial to the performance and lifetime of Power Plants and other Industrial Plants major equipment. The main purpose of these Packages is to filter, meter, heat and reduce the pressure, ensuring that clean and dry gas is delivered to the downstream users such as gas burners, gas-driven equipment (turbines, compressors), at the required pressure and temperature.

The type of packages for Gas Treatment offered by CDB are:
Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems, Gas Pressure Reducing Stations, Metering Systems (Orifice , Coriolis, Ultrasonic) and Analysers

Process Dehydration Package

Thanks to specific engineering expertise CDB can manufacture Gas Dehydration Systems and Catalyst Purification Units. This type of packages are largely used for gas and liquid processes in refining and petrochemical. Generally skid mounted these systems can be operated manually or fully automatically. The adsorption materials can be of a different type such as Molecular sieves, Activated Alumina, special Catalysts etc., according to the process requirements.

Electro-Chlorination System

CDB is experienced in the design and installation of Electro-Chlorination Systems to produce Sodium Hypochlorite for Offshore platforms, large Desalination Plants, Power Stations, Refrigeration Plants and Petrochemicals Plants. The produced Sodium Hypochlorite water solution is a powerful biocide and disinfecting agent which provides an efficient equipment protection against macro and micro organic fouling growth. By electrolysis technologies of salty water it is possible to obtain a reliable, low maintenance, safety and CAPEX/OPEX convenient units in lieu of the unsafe and obsolete gas chlorine dosing.